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Exportpallets ISPM 15

In the world standard ISPM 15 are measures defined to ensure that live pests do not spread through wood packaging. ISPM 15 describes the treatment of wooden packaging, so that any harmful organisms will be killed. Wood used for the manufacture of wooden packaging, must be treated and marked for international transport. ISPM 15 includes which products should be covered, which methods here for are allowed, and the way in which the markings on these products should be made. Buyers and users of wooden packaging are guaranteed of problem-free worldwide transport with ISPM 15.

Shipments with wood in accordance with ISPM 15 have no phytosanitary certificate or plant Passport; the mark is proof that the wood has been treated. Wooden packaging with the mark, offer the guarantee that they meet the requirements in accordance with ISPM 15.
A separate treatment is not necessary to be issued by the producer/repairer/officer/trader.

Our sister company Houtdrogerij LABOR B.V. has a State-of-the-art computer-controlled drying room and is certified for both used as new wood pallets, crates and packaging.

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