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EPAL Pallets

Legal production and repair of EPAL/EURO-pallets is reserved for companies with a license issued by EPAL.

EURO pallets are part of a pallet pool, in which they can be exchanged. Within this system the guarantee of constant quality of the EURO pallet is a great importance. The production of new pallets and sorting and repair used pallets is bound to rules.

The monitoring of the quality of the pallets and the production and repair process are done by the national railways of the UIC Member Nations.
The European Pallet Association, commonly known as EPAL, is  established in 1991, at the request of stakeholders. UIC has EPAL empowered to take over its role in quality improvement.

Purpose of EPAL
EPAL is a non-profit organization and aims, with minimal resources, to create a pool system in Europe (European Pallet Pool), in which the quality and characteristics of the pallets are constant and the pallets are recognizable through the marking EUR and EPAL. Also they are alert on countering falsification of these pallets.

License required
To guarantee that the rotating pallets are high quality, the EPAL mark may not just be applied on a pallet. A manufacturer or repairer may these protected marks only, and produce or repair an EPAL pallet, if there are licensed by EPAL. To obtain this license, companies must demonstrate that EPAL pallets which are produced by them or repaired by them, meet the standards of EPAL. Regularly they will be controlled by independent controllers.

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