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Company profile


LABOR PALLET BV is located in northern Netherlands, but her activities cover whole Netherlands and part of the neighboring countries.


The company was established in 1976, by the late Mr. H.J. Buikema.


H.J. Buikema


Then in 1980 he gave the leadership of the company to his sons, Joop, Gerrit and Jan. Originally started as a trading company in used pallets, the company has grown to become a well-equipped recycle company of used pallets and a modern factory in the field of new pallet production.


The total company site covers 30,000 m2 of private land, of which more than 15,000 m2 built with production and storage sheds.
The last enlargements took place in 2007 and 2008, with the building of two new storage sheds, sufficient for the storage of ca 200 truckloads. In addition, arose a new modern production pilot in 2008.
In 2010, the capacity expanded to 7 automatic production lines. They give the possibility to produce annually approximately 2 million new pallets and to trade several hundred thousand of used pallets.


Long term mutual beneficial partnership.
Our priorities, all customer-oriented:

Quality: Advanced manufacturing techniques and workmanship guarantees the maintenance of quality. Continuous attention is given to innovative solutions to improve quality at all time.
Price: Cost control on all fronts leads to competitive prices. Efficiency is the key word, extremely low production costs which can lead to very compelling price differences.
Delivery time: Our massive storage acts as an extension of your warehouse. The delivery time is limited to several hours of transport. The customer advantage is clear. Less storage space and less financial resources are needed.
Reliability: The base for a healthy relationship. That almost all customers from the early years still belong to our customer-base, testifies it. For us, the following applies: A deal is a deal!


Lidy de Vries – Buikema  All Round Office Employee
Joop Buikema (junior)  Administration, Logistics
Jan Buikema  Commercial Office Manager
Roos Buikema  Representative Purchase and Sales
Gerrit Buikema  Representative Purchase and Sales
Joop Buikema  Managing-Director, Purchase Wood, Production Planning